Foreign Principals

Our relationships with foreign principals and candidates

“Kindness and courtesies are so important in relationships.”
We have a twin association, we work with prospective candidates by representing them and actively promote candidates to bring to light in order to focuss the attention of prospective employers. Candidates should be aware of that  we are paid by the employers and as such our loyalty to them.

We have to give employer what they are looking for in terms of candidates’ true experience and qualifications. We thoroughly go through credentials in order to ascertain candidates’ bona fide. We have built rapport with candidates as well as with employers.

Our duty is to search out and find specific candidates to match employers’ requirements and  please them. In our all dealings - honesty,  integrity and openness is what matters.

Once you prove that you are  not honest with  us, we will have to drop you for future consideration.We will not allow our reputation to be abused, disgraced or denigrated. Letting know us what is really important and what matters will help the process. When we referred your resume to a foreign Company and interest is expressed by them in return, we will introduce them and opportunity to you and then you can decide  if you are interested or not.

We would like to treat others the way we like to be treated, then the experience should be encouraging and pleasant for all parties concerned.

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